Monday, November 4, 2013

Hippodoptera under glass

A wonderfully odd art piece came into the shop recently. Two glass domes arrived, each covering a delicate and very curious arrangement. 

Under each bell glass is a lepidopterian hybrid creature, composed of seahorse body and insect wings. A strange mix of taxidermy and sculpture, the composite figures are posed with an adjacent eyeglass to facilitate scrutiny. 

As far as I can tell, the seahorses are cast in some metal (likely pewter) and then painted. Two sets of eyes have been added to each seahorse body, bestowing a rather eldritch look upon the ensemble. The wings originate from a luna moth and an unknown dark butterfly, and have been carefully reinforced with wire and resin coating.  In my (pseudo)professional opinion, the resin is hella drippy and leaves something to be desired, but maybe that's what their creator was going for.

The luna moth concoction

The noir version

Tomorrow I wrap them up in layers of tissue paper and send them off into the great unknown. Fly free, little monsters. Please don't ever show up in my dreams. 

To anyone interested in this kind of art, I highly recommend the glass flowers exhibit in the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Though significantly less fanciful, the collection of over 3,000 perfect glass botanical models is guaranteed to leave your knees wobbly for several hours. 

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